Gottman Method Marital Therapy

The Gottman Method for marital therapy is a proven approach to improve your marriage. The divorce rate is high ranging from 50-67% for first marriages and higher for subsequent marriages. Many couples seek therapy for help; however, studies have shown that most approaches of marital therapy do not leave lasting gains. Only 11-18% of couples maintain meaningful gains.

This is not the case for the Gottman Method which is based on John Gottman's studies of over 3,000 couples. He has demonstrated what works and what does not work. He has found that most couples divorce at one of two points in their marriages: after 7 years or around 16-20 years. Those who divorce around 7 years do so because of the "Four Horsemen" which are criticism, defensiveness, conflict and stonewalling. Those who divorce around 16-20 years do so because of the lack of positive affect in their marriage.

The Gottman Method wil help you develop a SOUND MARITAL HOUSE. This involves updating your knowledge of each other, establishing fondness and admiration for each other, putting assets into the marital emotional bank account and other skills. Then you are ready to handle the marital conflicts with success. Each step is clearly outlined with specific guidelines and homework for greater success.

If you choose the Gottman Method, there are 3 assessment sessions: one for the couple and then for each individual. Then the goals are set and the coupes therapy begins. The number of sessions depends upon the particular couple. You will have a blueprint for constructive conflict resolution, foster emotional connection and intimacy and create shared meaning for your lives.

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