Energy Psychology/Tapping

Energy Psychology/Tapping: A Power Tool For Change

Energy Psychology includes innovative techniques that have been adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine, involving knowledge of meridians and acupressure points. These techniques have been proven to significantly help anxiety, depression, weight issues and trauma. The general process involve your tapping on acupressure points until there is a sense of relief or resolution of the issue. Clients are amazed at the speed of change that occurs and the ease of the process.

One of the most publicized approaches is Emotional Freedom Technique that was developed by Gary Craig. It is definitely self-help and easy. It has been adopted by many and currently is called Tapping. Other Energy Psychology approaches do require a trained therapist and because change can happen quickly you want to be in the hands of a trained mental health professional.
I have been trained in several Energy Psychology techniques and can provide the best one for you. Particularly powerful is Dynamic Energetic Healing which relies greatly on muscle testing and also has a shamanic component. 

Research has found that stimulating acupressure points decreases activity in the amygdala and other brain areas associated with fear, reducing cortisol levels. It increases endorphin levels, leading to a relaxed state.  Western psychology would state that these techniques work because you are calming the mind/body and connecting this calm state with the stressful thoughts/feelings/events.  Multiple scientific studies have found that energy psychology can effectively treat anxiety, depression, food cravings, pain and trauma.  It can also be used to reinforce your strengths and capabilities, allowing your life to flow more easily.

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