Imagery/Past Life Regression/Shamanic Counseling

These three areas for counseling are closely linked and connected to hypnosis/trance states. Imagery has a long history in Western psychology for improving physical and mental well-being. Belleruth Naparstek LCSW has gathered many amazing guided imagery processes for download at  

Hypnosis is used now for past life regressions or future life progressions. You don't have to be a believer in reincarnation to benefit. What comes up for you in the imagery will provide beneficial information for your life now. One interesting book on this topic is by Ann Barham LMFT - The Past Life Perspective.

Shamanic Counseling also uses imagery and is an amazing way to contact your inner wisdom/higher self. I have studied with Michael Harner and his wonderful team of teachers over many years.  His book Way of the Shaman describes the ancient process of entering an altered state to acquire knowledge and healing. You relax deeply and take journeys to communicate with spiritual guides and/or power animals. These journeys can be viewed as contacting your own wisdom and/or contacting healing energies in the universe.

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